Retail Deck


Once set up, it allows you to click a button on the toolbar that will take you to the Retail Deck page for the currently selected model, whether in serial inventory or invoicing.



If you share a user/password for everyone, then set it up in Serial Inventory variables.  If each user has their own user/password, then set each one up in User Security by editing each user.  If the user's user/password is not filled in, then it will take the one from Serial Inventory variables.


You also need to set up the Retail Deck brand code on each brand.  Attached is a list of Retail Deck brands but it is from Oct 2013, so it may not be the latest.  You can check with Retail Deck if you need a newer one.

Once the user/password and brand codes are set up, you just need to be in a model (either in serial inventory or invoicing) and click the RD button on the toolbar.  That will launch your default browser and take you to the product page.


Retail Deck Auto Integration


Auto Retail Deck Template allows importing models available in Retail Deck into ePASS without user intervention on a daily basis.

In order to access Retail Deck web site, 3 pieces of information are required:

  1. Username (usually in form of email address)
  2. Password
  3. Public Key


Obtain Your Retail Deck Account Number

Logon to Retail Deck using your username/password.

Your Retail Deck Account Number appears on the top right section of the page.  I.E. ADC account 36SH


Obtain Your Retail Deck Public Key and Download Link

For security purposes, the urls below will only yield 25 results.  To download all results, you must modify the urls to include a valid Retail Deck username and password associated with the billable account in question.  The urls contain placeholders (enter a valid username here, enter a valid password here) indicating where the username/password should be placed.


To obtain the public key and the link to download the import Excel file, use:


Once in that page, scroll down until you find your Billable Account.

If your billable account is not showing on this page, that means you have not asked Retail Deck to allow ePASS to integrate using your account.  In this case, you need to contact Retail Deck and ask for POSLink access using ePASS.


Right click on the Excel link as highlighted in yellow and choose Copy Shortcut.  The link shall be similar to:*****&affiliate_id=863*****&billable_account_id=760&version=1&retail_deck_username=[enter a valid username here]&retail_deck_password=[enter a valid password here]&mode=raw&compression=

Fill the hyperlink with proper username and password, and it is ready to be used in the template. Copy and paste this link into the “File name” section later when adding the new template.


Adding Brands

Tools > System Maintenance > Tables > Brand > Open > Add

Make sure all your brands are added here, and “Retail Deck Brand” filled out.

“Retail Deck Brand” is the brand code recognized by Retail Deck.

If “Retail Deck Brand” is missing, that brand will NOT be imported.


Adding “Retail Deck Auto” Template

Tools > System Maintenance > Tables > Price List Template > Open > Add

Create the template by following below screenshots making sure column headings are used, and not column letters (use pn for code - not G)


buying group code

Tools > System Maintenance > Variables > Serial Inventory

Add Supplier to the “Buying Group Code”

That would be the same supplier that appears on the general tab of the template.


Running the Import

Serial Inventory > Supplier Price List > Import

Choose the Retail Deck Auto from the template drop down (the file box should fill out automatically)

Leave “Delete All Data” unchecked

This may take several minutes to complete

In the end, the import window should display the number and a list of imported models


Scheduling the Import to run Automatically

Create a file called ePASSRetailDeckAuto.bat in \ePASS\Updates\ePASSScheduler folder:

It should read:

X:\ePASS\Updates\ePASSScheduler\ePASSScheduler.exe COMPANY1 SerialPrice RETAILDECKAUTO

Add a new task in the Task Scheduler to run every morning at 6AM:

ePASS Retail Deck Auto Import



Check C:\ePASS\TempExports and make sure the excel file YYYYMMDDhhmmss.xlsx (e.g 20150723084605.xlsx) has been downloaded.

Check C:\ePASS\PriceListTemplateImport.LOG for any download errors.

If the cost is zero, the import shows these lines: “Could not update Cost for Model: GP.  Reason: Cost equals Zero”.

Import throws an error (Error to open file) when run manually from ePASS.  It needs to run from task scheduler by right clicking on the task and choosing “Run”.