Have complete control of your logistics operation with lightning-fast inventory counts and realtime transfer tracking!

New EPASS WMS APP + Android Scanners

EPASS WMS has been redesigned for 2023 and is now a full Android app* that can run on any Android compatible device. All the features that make EPASS WMS an essential tool for your business are here, with additional updates. New accessibility features are included, such as audio prompts and a high-contrast visual interface. Pair EPASS WMS with official EPASS Android barcode scanners to have the ultimate system for managing your warehouse.


An EPASS WMS subscription is only $30 USD/month (per device)* Get full inventory control, instantly quote prices, check stock, see when the next product is coming in, and more, all from a handheld device!

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Official EPASS Android Scanners

Each EPASS barcode scanner has a unique set of features and are designed to fulfill several roles in your organization. View the details of each model below and pick the scanners that are best suited for your unique business applications.

C66 Handheld (with Optional Wrist Mount)

The C66 is a rugged handheld scanner with a rear-mounted camera capable of 1D and 2D barcode scanning. With it's compact size and short scanning range, it's perfectly suited for a store manager or floor staff. But pair it with the optional wristmount system with long range scanner and the C66 becomes a perfect hands-free scanning device for shipping and receiving staff in the warehouse.

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C72 Pistol Grip

The C72 is a long-range, pistol grip scanner. When compared with the C66, the C72 offers an extended battery life and an increased “drop-rating”. This scanner is perfect for use in the warehouse and with it’s built-in camera, it’s great to use with damaged or returned goods where photo records are required.

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C61 Pistol with Keypad

Unlike the C66 or C72, this pistol grip scanner doesn’t have a camera, but it comes equipped with a full alpha numeric keyboard. Long-range scanning makes this durable handheld perfect for scanning large amounts of inventory in the warehouse.

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How to Get Started

1. Purchase your scanner devices from our official page at BARCODE-ARENA.

2. Download the EPASS WMS App on each device from our site, or from the Google Play Store.

3. Download and complete the order form and email it to support@epass.software. Once we receive your signed form, one of our EPASS support technicians will contact you.

Terms and Conditions

WMS Subscription fee is $30 per device, per month and is renewed automatically each month, with a one month minimum charge per activated device. Cost of scanner devices is not included in the subscription fee. A stable Wi-Fi connection at the scanner’s location is required. The scanner must be able to communicate with the WMS server (either by being on the same network or via VPN). 4G/5G devices are supported, however, you are required to connect to your network through a VPN first before using a broadband wireless connection. Technical support for any unapproved devices will be billed at the standard rate. An included one-time setup process with EPASS Support is required with your first scanner purchase. During this setup, EPASS Support will ensure that you have the latest soware updates and will update your server to enable WMS and your scanner hardware. Please note, that to use WMS, your server must be able to load the latest EPASS updates. Similar to other devices connecting to EPASS, each scanner will take up one database license while connected.