Welcome to the EPASS xAPI User’s Guide. This guide is intended to help you integrate EPASS Enterprise into your custom application using our REST API.

About the EPASS xAPI


Our xAPI has several endpoints that your application can call to perform a variety of EPASS functions. With the xAPI, you can develop your custom app to:

  • Create sales invoices and add models, items, payments, miscellaneous charges, labor fees, and more.
  • Search for a specific invoice or a range of invoices that match one or more attributes.
  • Add or retrieve a customer record, and search for customers based on a specified criteria.
  • Retrieve the data records for a model or item, or build a search query to return a range of product data.
  • Send messages to EPASS users via the internal messaging system, or have reminders appear on screen when they log in.

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