POST /invoicing/invoice/comment/add

Adds a Payment to an invoice and updates the invoice totals.

The following list provides you with the absolute minimum fields required to add an InvoiceComment, as well as other potentially required fields. For a full listing of fields available please refer to the Postman collections or Swagger documentation.

Required Fields

The following fields are the absolute minimum fields that should be required to create an invoice comment.

Field Value
InvoiceCode Required
Must be a valid Invoice Code.
CommentCode Required
Must be a valid Comment Code.
UserCreated Required
Must be a valid User Code that is not Obsolete. If not provided it will use the Login User.


If a valid CommentCode is provided then the following values will be defaulted from the Comment. You can override any of the values that would come from the Comment simply by providing your own value.

Key Value
CommentDesc Comment -> Description
UpdateHistory Comment -> History


POST api/v1/invoicing/invoice/comment/add
    "tripNo": null,
    "commentCode": "FLOOR",
    "commentDesc": null,
    "inPackage": null,
    "invoiceCode": "2427",
    "updateHistory": null